She was lying all calm and victorious as if she has defeated one of the biggest enemies or as my brother calls it frenemy and she calls it life. 125 years in this world and a life with no regrets is more like a fantasy for almost all of us. But she nailed it. She credits her almighty for everything but we all know, even the almighty was amazed by the courage she fought those 125 years. It’s not unusual for a female in her family to live over 125 years. But living it with grace and not losing to the delusions was the first in many years in the Bhati family. I leaned towards her and said, “ Badi Dadi! Have you given any thought? I’ll publish it only if you want.”
She whispered, “Did you like it?”
“Are you kidding me? Geez, I don’t know… but if you ask me, this is way better than Choti Dadi’s story.” I laughed.
“Ajii Haan! You know all her stories are fictional. I was never mean to her.” She laughed back.
“It’s funny Badi Dadi. She never mentioned you being mean to her.”
“See now you know I am right. They are all self-made cute little stories,” she said smiling, gently caressing my head.
I sat by her side for an hour more till she dozed off wondering how recently it was her who used to put me to sleep after a long day at school and then even after work. All I wanted was her again to sing me the soft lullaby till I was lost in the dreamland losing all my fears. Just this time the fear was to lose her. But today it was my turn to be selfless and let her go. Yet again she was fearless as if this was the final destination she has always talked about. She was ready to meet her almighty who according to her tested her at so many levels and everybody knows she nailed it.

Not so innocent words from an innocent girl